Our preparations for your wedding begins in the cold, wet days of December, when we pour over seed catalogues to decide how many different varieties of familiar and unusual flowers we can squeeze into our three-acre garden.

     We start the seeds in our greenhouse from January to August, separating the tiny seedlings into bigger flats after their true leaves have formed, then finally planting them in raised beds when they are big enough to withstand the weather, gophers, bugs, birds, bunnies and weeds of an organic garden.

     After regular watering, weeding, staking, and trapping gophers, we have eight continuous months of brilliant flowers, each new season producing a color, a shape or a whole bed of blooms that makes one stare in awe at the exquisite beauty that comes from a packet of seeds.

     Two or three days before your wedding, you’ll find us in the garden in the early morning, before the fog has lifted, fabric swatch in hand, heavy boots on our feet, cutting flowers for your wedding.